Panoway on Wayzata Bay Initiative Discussed at Wayzata City Council Meeting

The Lake Effect Conservancy provided an update on the Lake Effect project during Tuesday night’s Wayzata city council meeting.
Courtesy WCTV/City of Wayzata
“We are transitioning to a new phase, an initiative that we are calling Panoway on Wayzata Bay,” said Lake Effect Conservancy Chair Andrew Mullin. “This spring, as we launch the public phase of the project, we are stepping forward and closing the chapter on Lake Effect and moving forward with what we’re calling Panoway on Wayzata Bay.”  
Mullin also updated the city council on advocacy, communication, history and construction portions of the project.
City Manager Jeff Dahl stated that he and other city officials met with the Governor’s office on Monday to discuss bonding bill funding for the Lake Effect Project.
“This is all in preparation for our ask of $10 million to help with this overall project,” said Dahl. “In late winter, early spring we will be active again in trying to leverage our community support in getting regional support. While it’s for the residents of the city of Wayzata, certainly people come from outside Wayzata and we think it’s appropriate the state pay its fair share.”
On Nov. 14, The City of Wayzata hosted the Minnesota House Capital Investment Committee to learn about the Lake Effect Project.
This follows a visit from a similar committee from the Minnesota Senate a few weeks prior.
The city is asking the state for $10 million of an estimated $20 million to complete the Lake Effect Project.
The state portion would come from an upcoming legislative bonding bill.

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