60% of East Neighborhood Traffic is Cut Through, residents seek solution

East Neighborhood daily traffic counts from a 2009 SRF Counsulting report.

The East Neighborhood again asked the City of Wayzata to come up with a practical solution to address cut through traffic on May 3rd at the City Council Meeting, this time with speed humps.  The Council decided to table the speed hump petition and revisit the issue in a workshop.

According to consulting work done on behalf of the City of Wayzata by SRF in 2009, approximately 60% of traffic in the East Neighborhood is cut through traffic. One of the reports from the City of Wayzata states, “Traffic volumes in the East Neighborhood exceed levels perceived to be appropriate.”

Lisa Penningroth who lives on East Lake Street voiced her concerns at the meeting, indicating the speed humps were a band-aid to address the larger issue of traffic volume.

66% surveyed supported permanent closure

A 2009 survey of residents after a temporary closure of the intersection of Lake Street and East Circle Drive showed broad support for the permanent closure of the intersection, with 86% of respondents with a preference reporting a reduction of cut through traffic.  Additionally, 61% or respondents with an answer believed that speed was reduced, and 66% of respondents with an answer supported a permanent closure.

The neighborhood continues to collaborate on what to do with regard to the issue.  Have a suggestion as to how to address the issue?  Fill out this survey.

Wayzata.com publisher Dan Gustafson, who lives in the neighborhood asked the Council to make a determination of policy regarding the use of the streets, posed a number of questions, and reviewed the results of consulting work from 2009. Watch for the City Council to continue to work on the issue in the coming months.

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