City Adopts Lake Effect Resolution Outlining Next Steps

The City of Wayzata issued the following press release recently:

On Tuesday, May 3, the Wayzata City Council adopted a resolution acknowledging receipt of Civitas’ Lake Effect Signature Park Schematic Design Proposal and outlining project next steps.

Through the resolution, the Council defined a process to study and deliberate on the Proposal, to decide what project components are supported by the community and feasible, and what the priority and sequencing of the project components would be.

The resolution specifics include:

  • Explore implementation of the schematic design and recommendations under close guidance and direction of the City Council and with continued public engagement
  • Initiate the Lake Effect Conservancy to raise private and public funding, and the supporting City/Conservancy public/private partnership agreement 
  • Review phasing recommendations and evaluate within city’s capital improvement plan and Comprehensive Plan
  • Evaluate the maintenance and operations expenses and revenue options. 

Although not part of the resolution, Council wanted to emphasize their interest in focusing on the following project components: a continuous lake walk between Broadway and Wayzata Beach, enhancing rail crossings at Broadway and Barry and adding a new crossing at Walker, creating an Eco Park adjacent to the Section Foreman House, providing enhancements to the existing Beach and Depot area, making Lake Street more pedestrian and bike friendly, and creating a safer and better connected bike trail.

Staff will be reporting back to Council with information and recommendations for deliberation and direction.

Daniel Gustafson & Elisha Gustafson Realtors
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