OPINION: Vote Jack Back–Every Vote DOES Count

If you live in or have been visiting Wayzata, you’ve noticed the campaigning for the 2014 election for the Wayzata City Council is in full gear. The candidate leading the pack is Jack Amdal, the only incumbent on the ballot. I have had the privilege of working with Jack on the City Council for the past two years and find his character, integrity, professionalism and ethics are bar none.

Jack’s devoted service to this community and its residents is above reproach with the countless hours he has dedicated to all aspects of the community from the moment he moved into town some 33 years ago. As a charter member of the Wayzata Historical Society, Chair of the Bushaway Task Force,(allowing him to save hundreds of trees and controlling the scale of Bushaway Road improvements) to providing his professional expertise on the Planning Commission and City Council for the past 20 years, Jack has proven, time and time again, he has the fortitude, motivation and knowledge to be a continued leader for Wayzata. His thoughtful, quiet demeanor along with his poignant words should not be mistaken for anything less than that of a person who is committed and cares deeply for the small town character and identity of Wayzata we enjoy.

For these reasons, I ask you to join me in supporting Jack Amdal for Wayzata City Council.

Statistically a non-Presidential election year will bring a lower voter turnout. I want to encourage ALL residents to shatter that enumeration and VOTE on November 4th.

Almost two years ago, the residents of Wayzata proved the point – EVERY VOTE COUNTS – with me winning my seat by 3 votes. This was the closest race in Wayzata history for City Council. I can’t tell you the number of times, since then, people have come up to me to share their story of how they just know it was their vote that made the difference. It was their vote that counted for something. Without neighbors, volunteers, the great residents at the Boardwalk, the family of three over on Hillside Drive or the residents I met for the very first time door-knocking, I wouldn’t be doing this incredible and humbling job – serving the community of Wayzata.

Please, take the time out of your day between now and November 4th to vote. It couldn’t be more convenient in Wayzata with the polling place at City Hall or early/absentee voting now available. Visit www.wayzata.org for general election voting information.

Please Vote! And Vote Jack Back!

Bridget Anderson
Wayzata City Council Member

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