Plechash a valuable asset

I was so pleased to learn that Alex Plechash was a candidate for Wayzata City Council. I met Alex through our mutual appointments to the board of directors for the Perpich Center for Arts Education. I have a myriad of volunteer board experiences and have served with many astute and dedicated leaders. Alex, however, is one of the most dedicated servants with whom I have had the pleasure to serve.

Several qualities compel me to speak in support of his candidacy for Wayzata City Council. His understanding of government is an important quality. Wayzata is experiencing normal growing pains and Alex will be skillful in his assistance to best leverage City and state resources, while being a strong steward of the environment and of taxpayer dollars. I have experienced his successful role as an advocate when working with legislators, civic leaders, educators, and members of the general public.

Alex’s professional experiences and educational achievements support his high-level abilities. However, his keen sensitivity to constituents, combined with a leadership style that embraces humility, will enable the citizens of Wayzata to be heard. He will listen, communicate and be thoughtful and forthright in his deliberations and decision-making.

Alex is trustworthy, ethical and unwavering in his integrity. A decision to run for Wayzata City Council would only have come after Alex’s thorough analysis of his ability to commit to the job and in recognition of his deep passion for his community. Those of us fortunate enough to know him are cognizant that his work as a volunteer firefighter for Wayzata supersedes participation if the fire alarm rings. If chosen, Alex will fulfill all responsibilities assigned or required of him.

He is a valuable asset.


Sue Mackert

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