Alex Plechash – Business leader, Marine Corps Veteran, and Wayzata Firefighter, Announces Candidacy for City Council

Alex Plechash

I am announcing my candidacy for the Wayzata City Council. In the twenty plus years I have lived here, I’ve seen the city change … a lot! The explosion in downtown density with the resultant increase in traffic and its effect on public safety and parking constraints is a problem the city will have to deal with. As a Wayzata firefighter, I’ve already had to deal with it. I suspect all of the candidates would agree that this is an issue the city council will have to address. The decision faced by voters will be to decide which of the candidates they feel will bring the best mix of commitment, community support, demonstrated experience, and decision-making ability to the council.

My entire adult life has been about leadership and service; whether it was service to our country as a Marine fighter pilot; to my church as a deacon; in the non-profit world as President & Chairman of a national 501(c) 3 organization (Tee it up for the Troops, Inc.); to my alma mater as a National Trustee and President of the U. S. Naval Academy Alumni Association; to our state as a Governor-appointed/Senate-confirmed board member of the Perpich Center for Arts in Minnesota; or to our local community as a volunteer firefighter. I have broad community support including our current mayor who encouraged me to run as well as the public support of our two previous mayors. In addition, I have the support of City Council Member Tom Tanner who decided not to run again this year. He called me a few months ago to let me know he would not be running again and said I was at the top of his list of potential candidates to fill that seat. So, with the counsel of people I trust and the support of my wife, I decided to throw my hat in the ring.

My love of Wayzata was not developed in a vacuum. Before moving to Wayzata in early 1994, I had lived in twelve different states since graduating from Annapolis in 1975. That’s in addition to two deployments overseas with the Marine Corps. I have lived East, West, North and South all across this country and I’ve been to 38 different countries around the globe. I know what a great community we have here in Wayzata because I’ve lived in and been to so many other places. This is where I choose to live. As a council member, I plan to do my best in helping to keep our city family-friendly and safe while also supporting the needs of our local businesses. Wayzata is a great place to live and I want to see it stay that way.

I encourage you to go to my website to find out more about my background and the skills & experience I will bring with me to the City Council. Go to – The site also allows you contact me with your questions and concerns. Please check it out.

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