Letter in Support of Alex Plechash

I’ve just recently learned that Alex Plechash is running for Wayzata City Council.  I’m writing to enthusiastically endorse him to this position.   I have had an excellent opportunity to get to know him in a unique way over the last several years that leads me to believe he would be a wonderful city councilman.

Several years ago, I was charged with taking over the Leadership class at Wayzata High School.  As a part of the class curriculum, I thought it very important to include speakers with a strong background in leadership.  So I set out to find leaders that were not only successful, but could also communicate to students how they got there.  Through this process I met Alex, who graciously volunteered to speak with my students.  After watching him interact with kids, listening to his numerous life lessons, and hearing from my students how much they learned about leadership, I’ve kept inviting Alex back to every class since.

Over the years, I’ve heard a number of his life stories, and it seems like nearly all of them consistently connect to the themes of service, ethics, and leadership.  Most of his stories demonstrate how throughout his life he has chosen to serve others.  Whether it is through his military service, his work at his church, his presence on the volunteer fire department, or even coming in to speak with my classes, he unfailingly puts himself out there to help his community.  All the while, he does it in a moral way.  In fact, one of the points he focuses on with every class is making sure they understand that unethical leadership does not lead to success in life.

It would be difficult to find a better qualified person in terms of character, leadership, and dedication to the community.  Alex is a good man, the type of person people would be proud to have as a representative.

Jon Honza

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