WHS Future Problem Solvers Take First at International Competition

Pictured are the members of the 2014 Wayzata High School Future Problem Solvers team that defied statistics during its four year run. Team members include Christine Gu, Zachery Yan, Jenny Lai and Amy Xiong.

The Wayzata High School Future Problem Solvers (FPS) team of seniors Lydia Boike, Isaac Foote and Trisha Morrison, placed first at the International Competition in the main team competition. Senior Emily Chen was a part of the team through the regional and state rounds, but could not join the team for the International Competition.

The International Competition comprises the best teams from most of the states and many other countries around the world. Only about three percent of students involved in FPS ever make it to the International Competition in their entire careers, much less place at the competition. This WHS team has attended three of its four years in high school and this year, beat every other team for the win.

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