MTV comes to Wayzata High School

The popular MTV show Made will be auditioning Wayzata students tomorrow at Wayzata High School.

The show features an individual each episode who wishes to be “made” into something they’re not, turning the tables on typical high school stereotypes. Maybe a theatre kid wants to become a hockey player, or a football jock wants to be made into a dancer.
Students who wish to be Made will attend an open casting call tomorrow in the school’s media center from 2:30-5:00 pm. Students who attend will be interviewed, putting their name into the pool of applicants MTV will chose from.
This isn’t the first time MTV auditioned at Wayzata High School. In 2008 Wayzata students lined up in the lunch room for their casting call. A Wayzata student was not chosen, but the 2011 season gives Wayzata another chance.
Stay tuned to, your MTV at Wayzata leader.

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