Wayzata Grad debuts Minneapple Pie

1996 Wayzata High School graduate, George Atsidakos, has brought the hot new item to the Minnesota State Fair.

Atsidakos is founder of the Minneapple Pie, a deep fried individual apple pie. The idea came up when George and his sister Joanne were thinking about how fun it would be to have a food stand at the state fair. George came up with the idea to deep fry their families apple pie recipe. When the idea was brought to their parents attention they said it would be impossible.

“My sister played around with the recipe and got it to work,” said Atsidakos. They then brought the product to their parents who jumped on board and started working with the recipe as well. Atsidakos said, “It took nine months of daily trial and error until we got it perfect.”

It may be Minneapple’s first time at the Minnesota State Fair, but this isn’t their first fair. They have applied to be at the fair before, and have been declined. “We have been doing other fairs to build up our resume, and we just got accepted to serve at Target Field last April.” Through all of their persevering they made it into the fair, and by the sound of the reviews, they should be back next year.

“The feedback so far has been really good. Everywhere we go with this product, our feedback has been excellent,” said Atsidakos. He explained how people have come back several times, just to say how good it is.

Atsidakos says, “The minneapple pie will surprise you, it’s not greasy, a really nice flaky crust, it’s made 100 percent from scratch, and we use all fresh ingredients.”

Food Critic Andrew Zimmerman told Atsidakos, “if you’re at the Minnesota State Fair, you have to have the Minneapple Pie.”

George expressed how much he enjoys being at the fair, and how he loves being surrounded by people in a fun atmosphere. He also likes working, but still being a part of the State Fair experience.

Stay tuned to Wayzata.com, your Wayzata grad bakes up reviews at the State Fair leader.

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