Blue Water Theatre chosen for Fringe Festival

The Fringe Festival is an event held every summer to showcase theatrical talent. The mission of the festival is that they believe everyone has the capability to make great art, and more importantly, everyone should get their chance to try.

Blue Water Theatre Company is a non profit organization that is founded by Charlie Leonard, Executive and Artistic Director. The mission of Blue Water Theatre Company is “to build and sustain a theatre community that will provide young actors with opportunities to perform, learn, and experience theatre that is important, meaningful, and life-changing.”

The way the festival honors their mission, is by their unique way of picking the shows that will be performed. Every production company gets one numbered ping pong ball, which is then transferred into a bingo cage, and pulled out one by one. They do this, to ensure no bias is in place.

One show that was randomly selected from the cage is Blue Water Theatre Company’s original show “…a Murder.” This show was written and directed by Cody Bursch, 18. The show is about two detectives that are in charge of solving a multi murder case. This show is a comedy, drama, sci-fi, mystery. “it‘s unique, and unusual but it‘s very well done and creative” says Leonard. The show is performing at the Minnesota theatre garage in uptown. If you haven’t seen it already there are two opportunities left, Saturday August, 13th at 1:00 p.m. and Sunday August, 14th at 7:00 p.m. “it took me awhile to write it, but it’s been an enlightening experience, and I’ve received a new angle on acting now that I’ve directed.” says Bursch.

Stay tuned for more at, your Blue Water Theatre Company’s fringe festival show leader.

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