Zeppelin’s Majestic Visit to Lake Minnetonka Creates Excitement

In a spectacle that captivated the Lake Minnetonka community, the Farmer’s Insurance Zeppelin made a grand appearance around 11:00 am on Wednesday morning. Gliding gracefully over Wayzata Bay and then towards Excelsior, the zeppelin left onlookers in awe, prompting a flurry of inquiries to this amateur reporter.

According to reports, the airship, which arrived in Eden Prairie from Milwaukee around 7 pm the previous evening, caused quite a stir in the serene Lake Minnetonka skies. The Star Tribune highlighted the remarkable journey of this unique zeppelin.

What sets this airship apart is its distinction from a blimp—it boasts motors and a structural skeleton inside. Remarkably, this particular zeppelin is one of only two of its kind in existence globally, adding to its allure and rarity.

For those eager to experience the enchantment firsthand, rides on the zeppelin will be available at Flying Cloud Airport throughout the weekend. Prices start at $375 for a unique aerial adventure. Further information can be found at Airship Ventures Tracking.

As Lake Minnetonka residents and visitors continue to marvel at this extraordinary sight, the zeppelin’s visit becomes a memorable chapter in the region’s aviation history. Don’t miss the chance to take flight and witness the beauty of Lake Minnetonka from the skies above.

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