Letter to the Editor: Wayzata Boulevard

To the Editor:

This is an alert to citizens of Wayzata about an important meeting scheduled for 5 p.m. Tuesday, July 12 at Wayzata City Hall.

But the July 12 session is not a public hearing. More of an open house.

The purpose of the meeting is to “discuss redesign and construction work planned for Wayzata Boulevard this year… or next.”

But the plans – driven by available TIF funds – will deliver a product far from what citizens have been seeking for two or more administrations.

The work is being presented as part of a scheduled program of street repair and upgrading. But it takes away perhaps any chance of ever creating the city avenue that was part of the prior vision.

The process thus far ignores input from a series of goal setting public workshops and citizen surveys from the recent past.

Moreover the work is expected to impact the looks, uses and continue the problems of Wayzata Boulevard for at least another generation of citizenry.

Joseph M. Mccarthy

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