Mother Nature, we need to talk

No room left to store any more snow. Photo Dan Gustafson.

Mother Nature, we need to talk.  You see, I’ve endured as much winter as I can.  It’s not just the cold temperatures anymore. It’s the 20 inches of snow at a time–multiple times.

I don’t have any place to store any more snow.  I’m having it removed via dump truck and skid loader to a remote location.

The 50 degree temperatures that put a dent in my snow pile last week was fantastic. I was able to chip up all the ice and snow off my driveway. I saw the light at the end of the tunnel that has been this winter.

The constant wet shoes covered with salt and sand weren’t an issue any more. My roof had been cleared of ice dams–both thanks to the professional contractors and the glorious sun that was out. Now it seems like a distant memory.

I can’t watch any more meteorologists tell me to expect a significant snow storm. I don’t want to have to scoop any more snow. I want more reports that trucks and equipment need to be removed from Lake Minnetonka to be saved from the rapidly melting sheet of ice.

For all of those who share my point of view in this area, and want someone to talk to Mother nature, I’d like to nominate Father Time to be our spokesman.  You see, Father Time is on his way, and will make sure that within another 30 days that winter will be over, for the most part.  Our sanity demands it. Hang in there, Wayzata, winter is almost over.

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