Minnehaha Creek Watershed District Takes First Steps to Prepare Property Owners, Communities for Potential Spring Flooding

Water monitoring and collaboration with west metro cities are underway

The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District is working closely with cities in the District to monitor the Minnehaha Creek and other local waterways and provide property owners with information to help them prepare for potential spring flooding.

“The National Weather Service is indicating that a wet fall combined with record snowfalls will likely mean widespread flooding across our part of the state,” said Eric Evenson, Minnehaha Creek Watershed District Administrator. “We want to be sure property owners are prepared, so the District is working closely with local cities in our area to monitor local waters and provide the public with forecasts for flood-prone areas.”

Several factors will affect water volumes of lakes, rivers, streams and wetlands this spring, including how quickly temperatures warm and the snow melts and how much precipitation falls in February and the early spring months. The District is studying the impacts of various potential scenarios and collaborating with cities in the District.

Updated high water predictions and information about potential flooding will be available on the District’s web site, along with tips for home and business owners for protecting their property from potential damage. Property owners are encouraged to check the site periodically for updates.

Altogether, eight major creeks, 129 lakes and thousands of wetlands are located in the District and many of these waterways reside in urban, developed or residential areas. As a result, the District is encouraging property owners to learn about the risks in their area and be prepared for rising water levels.

“Residents who live on or near the west metro’s lakes and streams have been great partners with the District to help ensure that we can all protect and enjoy these valuable resources,” Evenson said. “As warmer temperatures approach, we encourage all property owners to do their part to learn more about flooding in their area and be prepared to manage the risks that come along with spring in Minnesota.”

Minnehaha Creek Watershed District

The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District covers approximately 181 square miles, including Minnehaha Creek, Lake Minnetonka, the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes and Minnehaha Falls. The District is charged by state law to protect, improve and manage water resources. It does so through scientific research and monitoring, public education, cost-share grant programs, permitting and collaborative efforts with the 27 cities, two townships and two counties (Hennepin and Carver) that are in the District. For more information, visit www.minnehahacreek.org.


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