TROJAN TRIBUNE: Smiles for Kids fundraiser put on by WHS student committee

What does rock music and a Minnesota-based non-profit organization have in common? Mack Scott (11).
“I just felt like taking on some type of project for my band,” Scott said.
The idea of having his rock band, Carbon Handshake, play with some other local bands in a benefit concert came to Scott when he was lying in bed one night back in January.
“I see myself as the type of person that when I have an idea or something I want to be done, I’ll do what it takes to get it done,” he said.
What Scott hopes to do is raise $8,000 for Children’s Surgery International (CSI), formerly known as Operation Smile. This Minnesota-based non-profit organization provides surgeries for underprivileged children of the world who suffer primarily from facial deformities, such as cleft lips or cleft palates, as well as urological malformations and burns, according to their website.
Scott hopes to help this organization as a tribute to his 23 year-old brother who was born with Crouzon’s, a rare birth defect which causes facial deformities.
“I give him a lot of respect going threw so much from such a young age,” Scott said of his brother Andy Scott (2005 grad). Since birth, Andy has had 30 facial corrective surgeries. Although CSI does not deal with patients who have Crouzon’s, Scott said he feels they are helping people with issues similar to his brother’s.
Scott has been working to put together an event called Six Band City Sounds, which will take place on August 8, 2009 at the Hilde Performance Center in Plymouth, home of Music in Plymouth. Local bands Elemental Overdrive, Calhoun, Flow & The Mingos, Silent Agency, Red Eyed Revolutionaries and Mack’s band Carbon Handshake will play on the stage.
“Currently I am trying to schedule a meeting with Judy Johnson, the former Mayor of Plymouth, to see if she can help us make this a community event rather than a private event,” Scott said. If it is made private, the event could receive $4,000 dollars in financial aid.
Admission to Six Band City Sound will be free and donation tables will be set up at all entrances as well as in the park. All donations and all other profits will go to CSI. Mack hopes financial aid from the city will help decrease the cost of the event and in turn increase the donation. 2,000 attendants are expected, according to Scott.
Similar to the Music in Plymouth event, Scott plans to have food vendors and booths set up around the park. With the help of local businesses, CSI, the Plymouth Police Department, his committee of WHS students, and other members of the community, Six Band City Sound is on its way to putting a smile on the faces of many children in need. Scott would appreciate your support this August.


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