City of Wayzata to crack down on signs

The City of Wayzata will begin to crack down on property owners with signs that are violating City Ordinance 801.27, after it was recognized that a number of new sandwich board signs were in violation of the sign code.

Examples of signs violating the sign code include temporary signs put out by businesses each morning and the ‘Wayzata singles’ signs everyone has seen around town.

According to City Planner Bryan Gadow, the City will send out notices and work with property owners to get the prohibited signs removed. Property owners will only be fined upon refusal to work with the City.

Wayzata Chamber of Commerce President Peggy Douglas said there may need to be some modifications made to the ordinance to distinguish between regulations for public and private property.

A permit is required to have a sign in the City of Wayzata and prohibited signs include advertising and signs posted on trees, fences and utility posts.

The complete ordinance can be read on the City of Wayzata’s Web site. Scroll to Ordinance 801.27.


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