Eleven gardens adopted by community residents and business owners

The city’s new Adopt-A-Garden program has been successful thanks to the generosity of community residents and business owners to adopt 11 of the 14 gardens put up for adoption by the City this summer.

City Council Member Andrew Mullin and his wife Kristyn adopted four gardens around Wayzata in cooperation with 11 other families and were doing some planting last Friday, June 12.

Over $500 was donated to adopt the gardens adopted by the 12-family crew that was organized Kristyn Mullin, according to Andrew Mullin at the City Council Meeting June 16.

According to Andrew, the credit really goes to the kids of families who were involved for getting their hands dirty and taking a big part in the planning.

In addition to the Mullin family, the following Wayzata families donated their generosity to the community: the Labelles, Tripps, Hunts, Bensons, Kisers, Walkers, Aasheims, Randolphs, Tanghes, Wickners and Rudolphs.

The City put 14 gardens up for adoption this summer, and thus far 11 have been adopted. To claim one of the three remaining gardens as your own, visit the Adopt-A-Garden Web page on the City Web site.


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