Wayzata Community Room, 600 Rice Street
Tuesday, June 2, 2009

6:00-7:00 PM Work Session – PUD on Rice Street – John Adams



Bangert Absent.

2. PUBLIC FORUM – 15 Minutes (3 min/person)


3. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Minutes of May 20, 2009

Approved 4-0.


a. Consider On-Sale Liquor License “Sakana” for Beer & Wine @ 683 E. Lake St. (New Sushi Restaurant) -Orsen

Zhong Zi Zheng, the applicant, indicated that he believes there will be demand for sushi in the Wayzata area. Additionally, his store in Eden Prairie is doing quite well. The target to open the restaurant is on or around July 1st, 2009.

Motion to approve Wine, Food and Beer license by Bader, 2nd by Amdal. Passes 4-0.


a. Consider Extension on PUD for Rice Street – John Adams

The new deadline for the second building is December 31, 2010, and the third building would be due by December 31, 2012.

A fee of $4,000 would be pulled at the time of the second building permit.

Motion to approve by Amdal, seconded by Mullin. Passes 4-0.

b. Consider Extension on PUD/CUP for Manitoba & Rice – Bob Ritter

Both the PUD and the CUP have lapsed, and the applicant is asking for an extension on both. If the City Council would be willing to accept some of the improvements as progress towards development, City Staff is willing to extend the deadline.

City staff indicates that a number of neighbors have lodged complaints about the condition of the property with regards to trash, wood chips, etc.

Mr. Ritter indicated that the economy had put the brakes on the project, and that his contractor intends to clean up the site in the next couple of weeks.

Art Henningson, a neighbor indicated he was not pleased with the current condition of the property.

Gadow indicated that there was no development agreement between the City and the applicant.

Amdal asked if a seed could be required, and Gadow said it could.

Mayor Willcox indicated this property had been subject to a legal settlement, and that the City has given the applicant the benefit of the doubt.

Tabled to allow for a revision of specific corrections to clean up the property, allow for fines to paid, create a development agreement. The agreement would last for one year.

A new section will be added to the development agreement to spell out the specific corrections. The motion will be tabled for two weeks, at which point a list of recommendations will be given.

City Council member Jack Amdal noted that they don’t only want to see a list, but actual progress, as well.

c. Consider Display of Outdoor Railroad Exhibit for Historical Society on Depot Property

City Planner Bryan Gadow said what the Historical Society is asking for is permission to install a perm outdoor railroad exhibit at the Depot. Installation, maintenance and materials will be paid by the Historical Society and volunteers.

The Society is asking the City for a donation of mulch to assist in the creation of the raised bed for the exhibit. According to the Society, Wayzata area businesses will be able to expect more traffic as the attraction gains popularity.

Passes unanimously.

d. CAFR – Audit Report by MMKR – Bill Lauer

Audit summary:
– Clean opinion on annual financial report
– Special purpose audit reports given on compliance and internal control, and compliance with state laws

Internal control deficiencies:
– Limited segregation of duties due to small staff
– Motor vehicle department fraud

Minnesota Legal Compliance Findings
– No council approved, formal out-of-state travel policy for elected officials.

e. Award bid for Barry Avenue Storm Sewer Project

The engineering department recommends awarding it to G.F. Jedlicki, for its bid of $110,753.

Passes unanimously

f. Consider and Approve Municipal Licenses (Staff recommends approval)

Passes unanimously


a. Second Reading of Ordinance No. 696 Amendment of City Charter

Passes unanimously

b. Second Reading of Ordinance No. 697 Amending Ordinance 310. Muncipal Beaches

Passes 3-1


– Sunsets’ chamber event
– Affordable rental properties analysis
– Quiet zone at Ferndale and Barry
– Trail and retaining wall falling down on Gleason Lake Road
– Temporary closure of Lake Street

8. PUBLIC FORUM (as necessary)


9. ADJOURNMENT from regular meeting

Meeting Rules of Conduct:
Turn in white card for public forum and blue card for agenda item
Give name and address
Indicate if representing a group
Limit remarks to 3 minutes

Upcoming Meetings:
City Council – June 16
Planning Commission – June 15


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