Wayzata City Council Swings the Axe to Trim Budget Shortfall

At last nights Wayzata City Council meeting, Council members swung the axe to eliminate a number of amenities within the City Budget.

  • Cut half of the flower gardens and save the materials, seed, fertilizer $6,500
  • No hiring back of two seasonal gardeners $35,000
  • Suspend publication of the Bay Window for the remainder of the year $10,000
  • Cut the number of WCTV programs $15,000
  • A reduction in hours by 2 hours per day for lifeguards $5,000
  • No hiring back of community service officer $21,000
  • Borrow $35,000 from the scheduled CIP Transfers
  • Borrow $35,000 from the unallocated emergency funds
  • Reduce the hours of the building inspector/housing inspector to half time $15,000
  • Reduce the hours of new engineer position to part time $15,000

The shortfall had been estimated at $311,000, but with the following cuts, it has been whittled down to just under $100,000. A passionate Greg Rye Delivered a speech asking for and pledging time and support from the community. Rye wants to make this problem go away so as to keep the most recent Police hire and the other City staffers who have served Wayzata for over 30 years.


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