Zebra Mussels Invade Prominent Minnesota Lakes

Written by Lauren Webber, Guest Columnist:

Zebra Mussels have been found invading many prominent Minnesota lakes in the past few years, with Prior Lake being their latest prey.

The size of a fingernail, these small mollusks are descendants from Russia with the female variety capable of reproducing thousands to millions of mussels each season.

Problems arise when the spreading of the mussels occur unknowingly, which is one of the DNR’s primary concerns.

Blocking pipelines, clogging water intakes of municipal water supplies and providing painful walking surfaces on beaches and water beds are just a few of the complications that Zebra Mussels can cause.

Lake patrons can protect the lake by following the following precautions:

  • Inspect your boat for any foreign plants or objects before launching it this year
  • Drain live wells and pull drain plugs on boats to ensure that no water is transported from water source to water source
  • Lastly, inspect fishing equipment, nets and boat lifts before using them

Spreading these mussels, like Eurasian milfoil, is prohibited and can carry hefty fines.


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