Wayzata Community Room, 600 Rice Street
Tuesday, April 7, 2009

**7:00 PM – Local Board of Appeals & Equalization

1. Open Board of Appeals & Equalization

2. Hear Appeals

623 & 630 Bushaway Road – Peter Pflaum indicated that his properties have not been valued according to the pending road construction, and the fact he has to disclose it to potential buyers.

Assesor Dan Distel indicated that he had considered the construction on Bushaway and that he had taken into account both the construction and the present market values.

321 Bushaway – Mitch Eide spoke and echoed the same sentiments as Mr. Pflaum, and asked for consideration of a letter that had been submitted. Distel and Willcox indicated a review and follow up would be appropriate.

132 A Circle Drive – Rory Synstelien indicated that he didn’t believe his taxes should be that high, and that his value has gone up by 30% every year since he lived in it. Distel indicated he would take a look at it.

3. Continue to April 21, 2009 (if needed)

CITY COUNCIL MEETING – – Immediately after BOR

1. Roll Call – All members present

2. Public Forum – 15 Minutes (3 min/person)

Public Forum – Kent Howe was recognized by Mayor Willcox and Tom Tanner for his hard work and dedication on the Planning Commission over the last 12 years. Howe was presented with a Plaque recognizing his efforts from the City of Wayzata.

Kristi Eide Tollofson – Continue to look to the Council for direction as well as provide direction to the Council. Establishing Bushaway Preservation Fund, and exploring ways to receive a designation for Bushaway as a designated historic area.

3. Approval of Minutes: Minutes of February 17, 2009

Approval of Minutes, motioned by Bader, second by Bangert. Unanimously passed.


a. Consider Variance Renewal for 309 Ramsey Rd

No discussion, or commentary. Motioned by Bangert, second by Mullin. Unanimously passed.

b. Consider Variance 322 Broadway Avenue N.

John Patch is the applicant. Would allow construction of a garage addition, and would encroach on the front yard setback 5.1 feet, and 4 feet on the side setback, the later is an existing condition.

Planning Commission held an open meeting previously as well as reviewed, and is recommending denial 6-1.

Bader asked whether or not a garage could be built in the back. Gadow said that he was unable to verify that statement based on City records. Bader asked if there was room to build a driveway along the side to the rear. Gadow answered, with grading, a driveway may be able to be built.

Motion to deny by Bangert, Second by Bader. Denied.

c. Second Reading Ordinance 695 – Authorizing the issuance of General Obligation Bonds

City Manager Al Orsen indicated that the telecommunications project should not be included in the 1st phase of the GO. Ferndale reconstruction will happen in 2010 as Phase 2. 3rd Phase is refunding of other bonds if there is an opportunity for savings.

There was much discussion about the telecommunications project. Mullin indicated he did not support the rate increases that are scheduled to occur. Bader concurred.

Motion to approve 2nd reading of Ordinance 695, by Bader, second by Amdal. Passes.

d. Discuss East neighborhood Closure Study

East neighborhood closure study:

City engineer Mike Kelley presented a Proposed Closure Study. Proposed closure of Lake / East Circle Drive, and East Lake. Would allow a loop through neighborhood, prevent turnarounds in Driveway. Public Safety will have to access neighborhood from Wayzata Blvd. Fire Department will have to travel Wayzata Blvd to Bushaway.

Proposed Schedule

First Study on Lake/Circle E/Arlington
Traffic counts – Week of April 6th
Advance Warning of Closure – Weeks of April 13th and April 20th
Roadway Closure – Week of April 27th – Week of May 18th
Traffic Counts with Speed Data (During Closure) – Week of May 18th
Turning Movement Results (During Closure) – Week of May 18th
Survey Mailed – Week of May 25th
Survey Deadline – June 5th
Presentation to Council of Results – June 16th

2nd Closure LaSalle at Bushaway
Advance Warning of Closure – Weeks of July 6th and July 13th
Roadway Closure – Week of July 20th – Week of August 10th
Traffic Counts with Speed Data (During Closure) – Week of August 10th
Turning Movement Results (During Closure) – Week of August 10th
Survey Mailed – Week of August 10th
Survey Deadline – August 28th
Presentation to Council of Results – September 1st or 15th

Proposed Costs
Arlington Circle at Lake Street Test Closure:
$10,000 (includes approx $3000 for signs)
$1,500 for barricade rental

Lasalle at Bushaway Road Test Closure:
$10,600 (includes approx. $4,500 for signs)
$1,500 for barricade rental

Closer of Both at the same time:
$11,500 (includes approx. $4,500 for signs)
$3,000 for barricade rental

Bangert asked why Central at Circle E Drive could not be closed. Mullin and Kelley indicated that an acquisition of land would be necessary to meet fire code.

Bader indicated that this neighborhood would be most affected by the Bay Center, and that is was worthwhile to spend time and money on it.

Mullin proposed that the guidelines for speed humps (51% vote) be used for this project as it is happening, with the concern that it

Willcox asked if it should be done prior to any expenditure.

A number of residents raised concerns including: timing of lights, the nature of the petition and whether the residents should conduct, and more.

Council’s action:

1. Preliminary survey as to whether or not the road should be closed
2. Survey should not include other traffic calming measures.
3. The temporary road closure will be delayed at this time.

Reconvened as the Board of Equalization

623 & 630 Bushaway

Willcox moved to support the assessor’s valuation. Amdal seconded. 3-2 passes, 4-1 passes.

321 Bushaway

Bangert moved to support the assessor’s valuation. Bader seconded. Passes 4-1.

132 Circle A Drive

Assessor recommended move from $327,000 to $293,000 based on narrow land and home.

Mullin moved, Bangert second. Passes.

Adjourned from Board of Equalization

Reconvened as City Council

e. Authorize Ad for bid for 2009 Street Construction Project (STR-2009-01)

$474,000 is the estimated cost.

No discussion.

Motion by Bader, Second by Mullin. Passes.

f. Consider and approve Municipal Licenses

Orsen recommended approval. Motion Bangert, Second Bader, passes.


Gadow presented upcoming development projects.

Burnett application is being tabled for the time being.

Planning commission working on Bluff District, and more.

Comp Plan has been submitted to Metropolitan Council.

City manager’s report.

Projected shortfall of revenue of $200,000 – $300,000. Willcox recommends a workshop to address Tuesday the 14th at 4:30 at City Hall for a budget workshop.
Light rail legislation pending from Willmar to Downtown Wayzata.

Wayzata Yacht Club, their violations and remedies.

Dan Storms has to resign from HPB, a new candidate will have to be found.

Bader had hoped to get a rental housing report.

6. Public Forum (As Necessary)

7. ADJOURNMENT from regular meeting

Meeting Rules of Conduct:
Turn in white card for public forum and blue card for agenda item
Give name and address
Indicate if representing a group
Limit remarks to 3 minutes

Upcoming Meetings:
City Council – April 21 & May 5
Planning Commission – April 20 & May 4

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