Joyce Sidman releases new children’s book

Wayzata children’s author Joyce Sidman has released a new book called Red Sings from Treetops – a year in color. She appears Saturday at the Red Balloon, 891 Grand Ave., St. Paul to promote the new book.

Sidman provides tips for parents, librarians, and educators to read her new book aloud.

Sidman commented on her new book, “Color has always had the power to lift my spirits and thrill me. The first time I saw a cardinal on top of a tall tree, singing his heart out in the late winter sun, I thought, “WOW!” On my daily walks, I started looking for color everywhere, in each season. And it WAS everywhere–even in winter. To me, each color seemed like a old friend come alive somehow. This book is my attempt to bring color to life for others, as well.”

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