Wayzata.com acquires naming rights to City of Wayzata Water Tower

The City of Wayzata has signed a $1 million, 25-year deal with Wayzata.com, giving the company naming rights for the Wayzata Water Tower. The tower will bear a Wayzata.com logo and will be known as the Wayzata.com Water Tower.

Surrounded by Wayzata cheerleaders, and the Wayzata High School marching band, city and website officials stood side by side under the water tower.

City of Wayzata Mayor Ken Willcox announced the deal with Wayzata.com to an audience of about 200 Wayzata residents at a cermony underneath the water tower. “The City of Wayzata and one of the premier media corporations in Wayzata, Wayzata.com, have joined forces in a naming rights corporate sponsorship that will provide $1 million over 25 years,” said Willcox.

Dan Gustafson, publisher of Wayzata.com had this to say, “A water tower is not just a metal object. It’s everybody coming together and drinking water, one of the basic necessities of life. Wayzata.com is proud to underwrite a portion of the City of Wayzata’s revenue and budget needs with this naming agreement. That and it will be seen for miles around!”

City residents had mixed reactions to the naming agreement. Joe Prankster indicated, “I’m not sure why Wayzata is selling naming rights to our water tower. I don’t like it.”

Local resident April Phool indicated she was “thrilled with the idea of lower taxes due to the naming agreement.”

The City of Wayzata logos on the structure are expected to be replaced with Wayzata.com logos within the next couple of weeks.


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