WAYZATA YACHT CLUB: Cappy Capper, Sailing Center Update, and Judge’s Workshop

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Sailing is a pretty safe sport, but skiing is dangerous. If you follow the gossip vines at all you may have heard that our Community Sailing Center Director Cappy Capper (who’s the best skier you’ll ever meet) was seriously injured last week while skiing. I’ll spare you the details other than to say the injuries were very very serious, but he’s now out of the ICU and a (mostly) full recovery is expected. Cappy will be out of action for most of the summer.

Details of the accident and Cappy’s recovery are available at his Caring Bridge website. I encorage you to visit and leave a note of encouragement.

Cappy will require full time care for the next several months, which will be a significant strain on his family. Cappy’s not really a flowers guy, but audio books for Cappy and meal delivery coupons to help his wife Martha and their two kids would be greatly appreciated.

Cappy and Martha Capper can be reached at HCCapper at aol.com.


Dave Elsmo has been appointed as the Interim Sailing Director to fill in while Cappy is going through recovery. If you know Cappy, his skill is his ability to develop programs and training systems that produce the best instructors and programs in the country. All of that is still in place and local sailor Dave Elsmo will be continuing those programs this spring and summer. The best way to support him is to help fill those classes with your kids, the neighbor kids, kids from school, or kids you find at the mall. It doesn’t matter, just ship them off to http://www.WayzataSailing.org for some sailing or racing camps. And trust me, full sailing camps will make Cappy feel better.


On April 4th and 5th WYC will host a full weekend Judge’s Workshop. Now you might be saying to yourself “what do I care about being a judge”. But the truth that taking the judges workshop is the best way to know the rules inside, outside, forward, backwards and around the block. Take your sailing to the next level and be that rockstar.

Dallas Johnson
Wayzata Yacht Club
WYC Commodore


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