Wayzata Community Room, 600 Rice Street
Tuesday, March 17, 2009


1. Roll Call

All members present.

2. Public Forum – 15 Minutes (3 min/person)

No comments about subjects not on the agenda.

3. Approval of Minutes: Minutes of February 17, 2009

Approved with some slight modifications.


a. East Neighborhood Traffic Discussion

City Engineer Mike Kelly made a presentation indicating that there are 108 properties in the East Property. The reason this issue is being visited is due to complaints by neighbors about cut through traffic to avoid stop lights and recreational traffic to the lake.

Kelly presented a number of different options for controlling traffic in the area, and then issued a Staff Recommendation of:

Implement a combination of traffic calming measures and intersection improvements

  • Proposed improvements can be tried “experimentally” before roads are reconstructed
  • Maintains full access to neighborhood for residents and public safety
  • Low cost option vs. permanent closure of neighborhood
  • 2 speed humps on Circle E, a speed hump on Central, optional small median at LaSalle and Central

Council decision on “Action Plan”

Implement a series of experiments

  1. Speed humps
  2. One-way
  3. Closure
  4. Combination
  5. Other

Install final solution w/street reconstruction

This ended Kelly’s presentation

There was much discussion about the project.

Dan Gustafson indicated he was not excited with the prospects of speed bumps/humps.

Jeff Shore indicated he would like Circle E and Lake Street closed permanently.

Philip Carlson stated that Ferndale and 394 should receive on and off ramps, and that by closing the neighborhood it would create huge problems at Wayzata Blvd and Central.

Mike Tange indicated that 4 out of 5 cars that go through the neighborhood are cut through traffic based on a couple of studies. He stated he was in favor of closing off the neighborhood–Lake Street and Circle E, and was in support of LaSalle and Bushaway.

Kelly stated that an SRF study and an HR Green study indicated that 2.5 out of 5 cars had another destination besides the neighborhood.

Cathy Bernard spoke about the fact that this has taken too long, and urged the council to try a solution.

Steve Fox indicated that the byproduct of the development of the Bay Center will be traffic, and people hunting for parking space will circle.

Cheryl Amdal spoke in favor of closing off LaSalle and Bushaway, and that speed bumps are visual pollution.

Wendy Shore indicated that she was in favor closing off Lake and Circle E, and that she has also almost been hit recently.

Marilee Babcock is a strong proponent of closing Lake street and continuing Circle E around to Lake Street extension.

Lori Bonier indicated that the stop signs have failed for a long time, and that closing it off is the best answer.

Linda Hanson indicated that there are a lot of illegal turns onto Bushaway, and that people get upset as she stops at the stop sign.

Dexter Andrews indicated that he is favor for keeping the Lake Street and Circle E intersection open.

Courtney Yasmineh wondered about the cost of cutting off a road, and that she would prefer limited access if there was a large impact to her property located at the corner of Bushaway and LaSalle.

Sue Bangert indicated that the speed humps were not well received. Mary Bader stated the neighborhood seems to be in favor of closing the roads.

Jack Amdal indicated that there is already data available to try to figure out what impact these traffic calming measures from other streets in town.

Ken Willcox indicated it might be a better way to go to try blocking off the intersections so that people can give feedback.

Motion by Bader to temporarily close Circle E at Lake, Lake Street Extension at Lake, and LaSalle at Bushaway each separately as a traffic study if necessary. Seconded by Amdal. Passed unanimously.

b. First Reading Ordinance 695 – Authorizing the issuance of General Obligation Bonds

Matt Shrekenberg showed a brief presentation on the General Obligation Water Revenue Bonds, Street Construction Bonds, and a possible refunding of others.

Details included:

Water Revenue Bonds: $4,250,000 Maximum Par Value, with total project costs of $5,107,146. $1,000,000 TIF cash contribution. $55,000 contingency. Water rates may have to be increased to cover the telecommunications site.

Street Reconstruction Bonds: $370,000, $379,266 has been expended. PFM will be consulting with City Staff and bond counsel to decide which avenue is best for funding Phase II and other needed funds up to $425,000.

Tax Increment Refunding Bonds: $1,325,000 maximum par amount. This would refund GO Tax increment Bonds, Series 1998B. From TIF District #2, bonds are currently callable. If rates are not advantageous to the City, it can be called back at no cost to City.


  • Decision on telecommunication project funding by April 7
  • Council action on additional authorization for Ferndale by April 7
  • Determination of preliminary bond sizes by April 9
  • Refunding update April 17
  • Bond Sales by April 21
  • Bond Closings by May 5

Motion to approve the first reading of an ordinance issuing the General Obligation Bonds made by Mullin, Seconded by Bangert. Approved unanimously.

c. Approve 2009 Fire Officer Appointments – same officers as 2008.


d. Consider and approve Municipal Licenses & Proposed Fee Schedule



Annual Fire Report
Subdevelopment on Ferndale on Subdivision
Garage setback
Youngstedt’s proposal off the table, property for sale.

6. Public Forum (As Necessary)

7. ADJOURNMENT from regular meeting

Meeting Rules of Conduct:
Turn in white card for public forum and blue card for agenda item
Give name and address
Indicate if representing a group
Limit remarks to 3 minutes

Upcoming Meetings:
City Council – April 7 & 21
Planning Commission – April 6 & 20

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