Upstart "Yummy Academy" cooking show is filmed in Wayzata

There are creative people all over Wayzata, looking for an opportunity to gain more exposure on both a statewide and national level. One group that seems like they are on to something is Lisa Brecht, Lindsay Brecht, and Kelsey Roschen with their program Yummy Academy. While there is only one episode posted online, and the show could be a little bit smoother with some of their bits, you have to be amazed that local talent is producing this kind of video and content that looks ready to go to the next level. It is informative, entertaining, and the production quality is extremely high.

I emailed Lisa Brecht and asked her some questions about Yummy Academy. Here is what she had to say:

Dan Gustafson – What made you start YA?

Lisa Brecht – My then 9 year old daughter was having trouble with fractions in school. To make her learning easier, I started working with her using measuring cups to aid in her understanding of the concept. She loves to cook and is always watching cooking tv – she knew every personality out there! I just put two and two together. So many kids her age (she 12 now) are watching cooking tv but there isn’t anything out there for kids. I took my idea, found a crew and off we went!

DG – What is your background?

LB – LONG answer…..long time writer purely for anecdotal purposes. Marketing career transitioned to a stay at home mom transititioned to a back to work mom after the kids all went to school. Now I’m with Hennepin District Criminal Courts full time and serve as Executive Producer/Script Writer for YA.

DG – You film in Wayzata?

LB – Yes. My director lives in Wayzata. We film in his kitchen. He has over 25 years in the television and film industry. Tom Pearson is his name and his studio, “Hollywood Sounds” is located inside his home. He and I work together on the show – colaborating script ideas, etc…..our minds think alike and we make a great team!

DG – Are you hoping to get on local / national TV?

LB – Absolutely!! That’s been the goal all along. This is a program that people enjoy watching and I think that the industry needs a show like this. It’s fun, sassy yet clean. Everything we do is real and can be made at home. Humor is always the main ingredient in the Yummy Academy Kitchen!

DG – Anything else you would like to ad?

LB – Thank you for asking these questions!

To view the online episode of Yummy Academy, click this link!

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