STAR TRIBUNE: Tom Petters wants trial moved to another state

The Star Tribune is reporting that Tom Petters wants his case moved to another state, possibly Wisconsin or Iowa due to the overwhelming negative coverage in the local media. His attorneys blame the Star Tribune, blogs, and the public for

Here is an excerpt from the story and the memo Petters lawyers submitted to the Federal Court asking for the case to be moved:

“Mr. Petters became a punching bag swinging to and fro; before his first counter, the first cross-examination, the fight was over,” his attorneys said. “The coverage was everywhere, a virus, and media interest remained intense.”

The coverage has spawned “inflammatory, outrageous” commentaries by columnists, bloggers and the public, the lawyers said. They cite the comments submitted by readers on articles posted on, as well as columns by Star Tribune columnist James Lileks and editor Nancy Barnes, as indicators that Petters cannot get a fair trial in Minnesota.

Petters motion has prompted the US Attorney’s office to indicate they will respond at a later date.

To read the Star Tribune article, follow this link:

Tom Petters wants trial moved to another state. His lawyers say publicity and government misbehavior taint the case in Minnesota. He also seeks fewer jail restrictions.

Stay tuned to for all the latest Petters info.

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