WAYZATA CRIME PREVENTION COALITION: Join the Business Watch Support Group

Dear Friend/Wayzata Business Leader,

During the past year, we have had the pleasure of serving the citizens of Wayzata as members of the Wayzata Crime Prevention Coalition. In addition, we have been honored to work with a business community that is committed to our mission of crime prevention!

Much of our success has been centered around a “model” that focuses on the police and citizens working together… “watching out for one another” to help reduce and prevent crime! The neighborhoods have become very organized through their Neighborhood Watch Group, which is spear-headed by many committed Block Captains throughout Wayzata.

This success in the neighborhoods has spawned an effort by the business community to do the same. The Crime Coalition started a “Business Watch Support Group” which mirrors some of the same goals of the neighborhoods. We are currently sending out crime alerts with the Business Watch program-which is an email notification system designed to keep business owners informed about emergencies, crime trends, and other important city information. Enrollees will be notified by priority email when there is police information that may relate to them. This new services is free and will be used for official police business only. To become a member, simply provide your email address to the Wayzata Police Department by emailing sbobzien@wayzata.org, or by calling 952-404-5340.

In addition, we will annually offer “Business Watch Support” decals to be displayed prominently in your business. You involvement/membership in this effort is greatly appreciated! We are asking businesses to consider an annual donation in one of the following categories:

  • One employee: $50.00
  • Two or more employees: $100

Checks can be made out to the Wayzata Crime Prevention Coalition and sent in the enclosed envelope. Thank you for your support over the years… and thank you for your partnership with the Business Watch Support Group!


Mark Scheidhauer
Wells Fargo

Bill Nelson
Wayzata Lions

Gina Holman
Wayzata Bar and Grill

Peter Hitch
Data Doctors

Patti Westerdahl
Anchor Bank

402 East Lake Street
Wayzata, MN 55391

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