A personal invitation to members of the Wayzata Chamber of Commerce / Local Businesses to Subscribe to Wayzata Alerts!

To: Wayzata Chamber of Commerce Members / Wayzata Local Businesses

From: Dan Gustafson
Re: An introduction and invitation to subscribe to Wayzata.com Alerts!

Dear Fellow Wayzata Chamber Member,

You are cordially invited to subscribe to Wayzata.com email alerts to receive all the latest news and information in the Wayzata community daily in your inbox.

You might be asking yourself:

What is Wayzata.com?

Wayzata.com is a new media website that covers Anything and Everything Wayzata. It is web 2.0, social media, and all those other buzzwords that people are talking about on the internet. Wayzata.com is a broadcasting company that communicates to and with the Wayzata community via blogs, Twitter, email, Facebook, RSS Feeds, Youtube, Google, and more. Additionally, Wayzata.com is the local media source that focuses exclusively on the people, places and things in the Greater Wayzata Community.

What are Wayzata.com email alerts?

That is a great question. Wayzata.com Alerts! are an email summary of the days stories posted on Wayzata.com. They are delivered to you via email automatically, once a day, between 9:00 am and 11:00 am if there are new stories posted at Wayzata.com.

Why would I sign up for Wayzata.com alerts?

If you are a involved with the Wayzata community, whether as a resident, business owner, employee, volunteer, or enthusiast, take it from me, you are going to want to see what this free service is like.

What kinds of things will show up in me email inbox if I subscribe to “Wayzata Alerts!”?

You will get exclusive content such as:

Who else is viewing Wayzata.com?

People all around the Wayzata community–and they have positive things to say:

  • “Impressive…” Lakeshore Weekly News
  • “Kudos…” MinnPost
  • “…a true public service.” City Council Member – Mary Bader
  • “Well done.” former City of Wayzata Mayor – Andrew Humphrey
  • “The Pulse of Wayzata.” Allstate Insurance agent – Jim Harper
  • “Best of Wayzata.” Voice of the Wayzata Football Trojans – Joe Komarek
  • “Keep up the good work.” Wayzata Planning Commissioner – Kent Howe
  • “Great job.” Wayzata Football Defensive Coordinator – Matt Lombardi
  • “I’m on there all the time.” Wayzata City Clerk – Sandy Langley
  • “On target!” – former Wayzata High School Principal Craig Paul
  • “I found the [Wayzata] election results on Wayzata.com hours before anywhere else.” Mayor Ken Willcox
  • Huge! – Better than any newspaper! – Marc Bullis

What does this service cost?
THIS SERVICE IS FREE, FREE, FREE!!! Our business model is to provide this service free of charge to the viewers so that it is widely accepted within the community. We will have sponsorship and advertising campaigns and endorsements available at a later date.

OK. I’m convinced. Where do I sign up for Wayzata.com Alerts!?

That’s easy. Follow this link, enter you email address, and click the confirmation link that is sent to your email inbox. If you have any questions comments or feedback, call me personally at 952-473-5200. If you would prefer a step by step explanation, please watch the enclosed Youtube video or watch it here: How to subscribe to Wayzata.com Email Alerts!

Thank you for your time.


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