WAYZATA BAY CENTER: Testing To Be Conducted At The Bay Center Redevelopment Site To Assess the Potential To Use Geothermal Energy For the New Center

Managing Director of the Wayzata Bay Center Redevlopment Company Ed Briesemeister issued a press release this morning indicating that some test piles will be driven into the ground in three locations the week of February 16-21. The release indicates that two of these test locations will be on the west side towards Superior Boulevard, and one will be on the east side near Glaciers.

Nearby Wayzata Merchants and Residents, get ready for some pounding as a crane with a hammer will drive these piles into the ground so that Wayzata Bay Center Redevelopment Company can do some engineering tests on the soil, the piles, and to confirm the the geothermal capacity of the site.

Here is a copy of the full release:

For Immediate Release

Wayzata, Minnesota (February 6, 2009). During the week of February 16 – 21, approximately 20 test piles will be driven in three different sites in the Bay Center parking lot. The piles being driven are long sections of pipe 7 to 9 inches in diameter. They will be driven to various depths, the deepest estimated to be about 120 feet.

The piles will be of two varieties: foundation supports and so-called “energy piles“ which will have geothermal piping installed inside them. The piles will be tested over multiple weeks to confirm the load bearing capacity of the foundation piles and the geothermal capacity of the enery piles. At the conclusion of the tests, the foundation design can be finalized and engineers can determine the scope that geothermal energy will play in both heating and cooling of the new Bay Center.

When asked about the drilling of the test pilings, Ed Briesemeister, Managing Director of Wayzata Bay Redevelopment Company, commented, “A major theme of the Bay Center Redevelopment has been sustainability and minimizing resource use wherever possible. We have already engineered elements into our design that will capture about 99% of all precipitaion and a system to de-ice the streets and sidewalks without chemicals. The ability to draw on natural and safe geothermal energy would allow for a significant reduction in energy use for the Bay Center. With that being said we’re hopeful the tests will conclude that geothermal energy can be used extensively as another sustainable element for the new Bay Center. We expect to have the final test results and evaluations completed by May 15th.”

For more information on the Wayzata Bay Center Redevelopment, go to www.wayzatbaydevco.com or contact Ed Briesemeister at (763) 245-0962. For more information on Presbyterian Homes, go to www.preshomes.com.


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