Wayzata Community Room, 600 Rice Street
Tuesday, February 3, 2009

6:00 PM – Closed Executive Session – Update on Property Acquisition at 800 Superior Blvd.


1. Roll Call – Sue Bangert excused

2. Public Forum – 15 Minutes (3 min/person)

Steve Sundby of 3587 North Shore Drive commented. He is President of Unitarian Universalist Church of Minnetonka, and feels that it is more appropriate for zoning for churches to be determined with CUP’s.

Tom Tanner, Chair of the Planning Commission, indicated that the next item to be addressed by the Planning Commission is design standards, and that the Planning Commission may or may not be able to address Churhc CUP issue this year.

3. Approval of Minutes: Minutes of January 20, 2009

Some minor changes were suggested by Councilwoman Bader. A motion to approve the minutes was approved and seconded. Carried.


a. Consider review of Building Plans for 1052 Circle Dr. E. as required by Resolution No. 50-2008

As a condition of splitting 1 lot into 3 lots, the applicant has brought back the same plan that was before the Planning Commission, which passed 4-2. The applicants architect indicated they have tried to keep the design scale smaller. Both neighbors on either side do not oppose the design, which is contemporary in nature.

The house will been made of stucco with cedar siding, and a galvanized copper and lead metal. Hardcover will be less than 25%. Plan includes a rain garden.

Amdal wondered about the setbacks and the permeable pavers and whether or not it would exceed 25%. Gadow indicated it would be under 25% regardless.

Mullin asked whether there were other comments from the neighbors since the planning commission. Gadow indicated there were not.

Bader indicated it was a thoughtful design, and that none of the neighbors objected.

Bader moved approval. Mullin seconded.

Carries unanimously.

b. Receive and Accept Trail Connection Study (No action to be taken)

Willcox indicated, with two trails in Wayzata, they ought to be connected and that was the reason for the study, and the City had received a grant to fund the study. There were two workshops in which the public was allowed to give feedback.

Mike McGarvey with SRF Consulting Group addressed the Council. The process began in early summer and late fall. Input was taken from individual business owners, as well as via community open houses. Idea is to connect the Luce Line and the Dakota Rail Regional Trail. Provides an opportunity to get people into the community, as well as a jumping off point to use either trail.

The study took into consideration many factors, existing right of ways, immediate deployment, road sharing, sidewalks. Ranked each possibility with most and least suitable. Boiled it down to three, and then arrived at the preferred recommendation.

The recommended routing is: north to south at Luce Line, down Ferndale, along Wayzata Boulevard, continuing east to Barry Avenue, crossing Wayzata Boulevard down past lake Street, along Grove Lane, to the Dakota Rail Trail.

Some issues: relocation of utilities along Wayzata Boulevard, moving and or building of retaining walls, as well as reworking the bridge over Highway 12. Bikers who are club riders would be comfortable cutting through without following the trail.

Trail facilities along Ferndale would be 10 feet, consistent with bicycle standards, could be less. Trail would be separated from the road by a boulevard, and could be accomplished within the existing right of way.

Barry Avenue – no change, propose parking on one side of Barry be eliminated for bike lanes. Pedestrians would be accommodated by existing sidewalk.

Share the road situation on Grove Lane at the Boatworks building. Share the road signage to allow for foot and pedal traffic. Wayfinding signs would be utilized for both the trail and the short cut for bikers.

Costing – Ferndale $300,000
Bridge improvements $70,000
Wayzata Boulevard $297,100
Bike lanes on Barry $7,000
and some other costs.

Does not include right of way changes and moving of utilities.

According to SRF, a number of grants are possible, Met Council, State, County, and or bonding from Wayzata.

Willcox asked what percentage would be born by the City.

Federal 80%
Local 20%

Amdal asked if there was a grant writer. Gadow indicated it would be collaborated between City Staff and SRF Consultants.

Willcox indicated that the shortest path is Ferndale, but that families and children may not be prepared to deal with the grading and traffic on Ferndale.

Willcox thanked the presenter for the information.

c. Consider and approve Police Union Agreement

Orsen indicated wage increase of 1.5% was accepted by union. Health insurance will be increased by 50%. Vacation – every one has the same vacation payout-voted on by department. Staff is recommending approval.

Motion to approve, and seconded. Unanimously carried.

d. Consider and approve Municipal Licenses

Revised license package is being recommended by staff.

Motion to approve, and seconded. Unanimously carried.

e. Approve Resolution 4-2009 – Year End Interfund transfers

Was not voted on, but needs action now. Authorizes transfer of Storm Water movement of funds.

Motioned, seconded. Approved, Amdal abstained.


Planning projects upcoming:

Development applications:

Design Standards
Bluff district zoning

Tanner indicated that based on recent projects. Intent is to keep the small town look and feel of Wayzata. 3 stories versus 2.5 stories.

Ferndale subdivision, no plans to to build at this time.

Orsen indicated rebidding for Water Treatment plant had been received, 1.2 million savings, on the next Council agenda. Might be grant money available via Ramstand to Paulson and Klobachar.

Mike Kelly indicated that the Stimulus Package may be a great source for funding infrastructure improvements. The projects that will receive funding will be shovel ready, and one of the opportunities that Wayzata has is the Peavey Bridge. The sufficiency rating is less than 50. The application was filed, Wayzata is on the list, and the bridge must be done very quickly.

Willcox wondered what the upfront cost would be, one of the principals at SRF indicated that it would be $45,000.

Mullin asked what the sources of funding would be.

Kelly indicated 100% federal funds–around $700,000.

6. Public Forum (As Necessary) Can Plymouth residents be buried in Wayzata cemeteries. Staff will look into it, accommodate as possible, cannot allow everyone.

7. ADJOURNMENT from regular meeting

Motioned, seconded, Unanimous.

Meeting Rules of Conduct:
Turn in white card for public forum and blue card for agenda item
Give name and address
Indicate if representing a group
Limit remarks to 3 minutes

Upcoming Meetings: City Council – Feb.17 & Mar.3
Planning Commission – Feb. 18 (Note Change) & Mar. 2


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