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Do you consider yourself an insider with insights and knowledge to share about the greater Wayzata area, local events, or the people who make Wayzata community special? We’re currently seeking Wayzata Writers to explore a number of topics in Wayzata.

Browse available opportunities, suggest your own local topic, or continue reading below for more information about us and how you can become a Wayzata Writer today.

About Wayzata.com

Launched in 1997, Wayzata.com serves a large and concentrated audience in it’s trade area and is quickly becoming the premier online brand for Wayzata information and events. We are a division of Wayzata Inc, and one of the most specialized and concentrated sites of Wayzata information in the community.

Our content is contributed by passionate, informed people known as Wayzata Writers. Wayzata Writers are people in the greater Wayzata community with a common desire to share their knowledge and expertise with others. Wayzata Writers are college students, civil servants, retirees, doctors, musicians, magazine editors and stay-at-home parents.

* Become a Wayzata Writer
* What does a Wayzata Writer do?
* How much time does all this take?
* What’s in it for you?
* What happens once I fill out the application?

Become a Wayzata Writer

Wayzata Writers serve as independent contractors, allowing them to choose what to write about related to their topic and when. They write from home, school, or wherever inspiration strikes. Successful Wayzata Writers publish a minimum of four informative articles per week.

If you believe you have what it takes to be a Wayzata Writer, we would love to hear from you. Our application takes about twenty minutes to fill out and requires a writing sample, short biography and basic contact information.
Ready? Become a Wayzata Writer now.

What does a Wayzata Writer do?

Wayzata Writers provide helpful information, resources and tools related to their area of expertise that can be used by people in the greater Wayzata community. For example, if you are a Sports Wayzata Writer covering the Wayzata Football team, you could cover the players, the latest game, where to find statistics and video, etc. But even more important, you can add a local perspective others can’t. Where’s the best place to watch highlights of the game? Where can you buy tickets? Which hot dog stand in the stadium serves up the best goods? The possibilities are endless and we have a staff who will help you focus your expertise in the right way.

With our help, Wayzata Writers create posts on Wayzata.com. Wayzata Writers update their posts on a regular basis with short, informative articles that are easy to read. Our best Wayzata Writers deliver their information clearly and concisely. To make their posts more appealing, they use pictures, videos, and links to other resources.

Our most successful Wayzata Writers spend time marketing their content to their social and business networks using tools like Twitter, Digg, Email lists, message boards, and good old-fashioned word-of-mouth. If all of this sounds new, Wayzata.com provides the resources you need to learn and use these tools to master online marketing.

Ready? Become a Wayzata Writer now

How much time does all this take?

On average, an active and successful Wayzata Writer spends 4-6 hours a week creating and publishing their content on Wayzata.com, responding to comments from readers, and investing in social marketing. Some Wayzata Writers spend far more time, publishing 1 or more articles a day. The time you spend is truly up to you, but frequent publishing is one major key to success as a Wayzata Writer.

Ready? Become a Wayzata Writer now

What’s in it for you?

Wayzata.com works very hard behind the scenes to make sure your pages and content are exposed to people looking for information on your topic. Because of these efforts, Wayzata Writers often appear at the top of Google and Yahoo search results.

Additionally, our Wayzata Writers are often requested to appear on local and national radio and television, giving interviews on their topics of expertise. Some have been offered opportunities to write for other major publications, work on books, and even full-time employment. The exposure Wayzata Writers receive is incredible and rewarding.

Wayzata Writers have access to training and support on topics ranging from how to write for the Web to social marketing, photo editing, and how to use the newest Web 2.0 tools. The opportunity for professional development is amazing! But you must join us prepared to share local insights and knowledge on a specific topic.

On top of the unlimited exposure, the wide-spread promotion, the valuable training and the credibility associated with being a Wayzata Writer for Wayzata.com, Wayzata Writers can earn money! Our rate of pay is competitive and very much in your control, based on the size of your audience.

Ready? Become a Wayzata Writer now

What happens once I fill out the application?

Once you click the submit button on your application, it goes to the manager of the content channel you select (Business, Sports, Pets, etc). They will review your application – looking closely at grammar and spelling, your voice and tone, experience, etc. Every application is read so please answer all of the questions as completely as possible. This will help us fairly and accurately evaluate your qualifications to be a Wayzata Writer.

If the channel manager thinks you would be an asset to the team, a member of our staff will contact you via email with further information. Be sure to provide us with the best email contact information! Should you join us, be prepared to submit three items within a few days:

* A photo of yourself for your page.
* A brief biographical statement of up to 35 words.
* Authorization to conduct a criminal history background check and identity verification. We do not check credit history or contact former employers. We do check for felony offenses and sex offender registries.



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