TROJAN TRIBUNE: Farewell to Jamba Juice

Written by Kelsey Merriam

Jamba Juice off of Vicksburg Lane closed down for good Monday, December 22nd.
Jenny Penk (12) was an employee of this Jamba Juice since April 2007. “The Jamba Juice Company is closing down a bunch of their stores,” Penk said. “We weren’t loosing money, but we weren’t making money.”

Another Wayzata student Morgan Rhodes (12) was also an employee of this Jamba. “It was never busy there on a week night or ever really once the school year started,” Rhodes said.

Jenny Penk agreed saying, “In the summer it was very busy, but now it’s not at all.”

The manager of the Vicksburg Jamba held a meeting for all her employers on Tuesday, December 9th to announced that their store would be shutting down in two weeks.

The Jamba Juice on Vicksburg had an average amount of business compared to other stores, according to employee Alicia. This particular location was shut down because the company as a whole needed to cut back on locations and the lease on the Vicksburg location was up.

Four of the employees are going to be transferring to the Ridgedale Jamba Juice, while the others chose to leave with their severance pay. “The severance is the average pay from two weeks,” Penk said.

Rhodes nor Penk are choosing to transfer to the Ridgedale Jamba. “I’m sad,” Penk said. “I really liked working there.”

Rhodes agreed saying, “It was a raeally nice job to have as a teenager.”

More than the Jamba employees will be missing this location. It is a stopping spot for many Wayzata students to grab a quick smoothie. Wayzata student Sarah Rocca (11) said, “I’m so mad they are closing, it was the perfect place to go after eating Buffalo Wild Wings!”


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