Letter from Police Chief Risvold to Wayzata City Council about Administrative Fines

The Wayzata City Council received and approved the following Administrative Fine Schedule detailed in this letter from Chief Risvold to the Council.

To: Wayzata City Council

From: Chief Mike Risvold

Date: December 1, 2008

Re: Administrative Fine Schedule
After further deliberation and with input from officers within the agency, I am proposing minor changes to the cities administrative fine schedule which was adopted by resolution in early September. The changes include the addition of three offenses and the amendment of four of the fines. The proposed changes are as follows:

Additional Offenses:
Wrong Way (one-way) $90
Follow Too Close $65
Handicapped Parking-No Permit $95

Proposed Fine Changes:
Fail to Wear Seat Belt $35 to $50 (Court citation is $103)
Fail to Stop / Stop Sign (bicycle) $25 to $65 (Court citation is $128)
Fail to Obey Traffic Control Device (bicycle) $25 to $65 (Court citation is $128)
Fail to Yield – pedestrian (bicycle) $50 to $90 (Court citation is $178)

The additional offenses are violations seen in Wayzata on a regular basis and have merit to be in this program. They were simply omitted in the first go-around.

The increase in fine for the seat belt violation is to better reflect the basic concept behind the fine schedule itself. All fines are close to one-half of the regular district court fines. The adjustment will bring this fine into alignment with the rest. Finally, with regard to the offenses committed by bicyclists, the officers made it very clear that they thought the bicyclists should be treated the same as motor vehicles with regard to the violations above, or the same as the state of Minnesota treats the two in state statute. These fines now mirror the fines for the same offense while committed in a motor vehicle. All proposed changes on the resolution appear in bold/red. Feel free to contact me with any questions.


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