CITY COUNCIL MEETING: December 1, 2008

  1. Roll Call
  2. Public Forum – 15 Minutes (3 min/person)
    a) Recognition of winner and all partcipants of Lighting Up Wayzata for the Holidays
  3. Approval of Minutes: Minutes of November 13, 2008
  4. Truth in Taxation Hearing: Maximum increase for the City of Wayzata is 6.95% for 2009.
  5. New Business

    a) Second Reading of Ordinance # 692 Discharge of water into Stormwater System

    b) Bushaway Road – Task Force Recommendation–use same footprint, does not utilize 3-lanes, trail needs to meander, no round-about / a 4-way stoplight, preserve homes, fences, and markers, bridges must match the Grey’s Bay Causeway, tree cutting moratorium until final decision is made, elimination of construction easements–recommendations and comments from the Council were accepted and put into the record.

    c) WTP#3 Review Final Plan Modification-After receiving bids in October, becuase of costs being higher than expected, City Council originally rejected the bids. The City staff has added 4 feet to the end, so that the tank could be relocated under Filtration and Generator rooms. Elimated bathroom in office location, as it was unnecessary. Tennis courts and fence will be undisturbed, but not usable next summer. Park Sreet will be closed during construction. Three construction entrances considered to manage traffic, grading of site to accommodate future cellular enclosure.

    d) Unitarian Church – Rezoning R-1 to INS and Comp Plan Amendment – skipped

    e) 1052 Circle A – Subdivision Rolf & Janet Skei – Subdivision approved.

    f) 825 Wayzata Blvd. Design Review Ascent Real Estate LLC – Remodeling of Building, removal of garage and reconstruction of garage as offices. Councilmember Bangert expressed concern about the extra parking spaces. Passed.

    g) Adopt Resolution No. 52-08 – Amending Police Citation Fees – Approved.

    h) Second Reading of Ordinance # 693 – Authorizing General Obligation Street Reconstruction Bonds – Approved.

  6. City Manager’s Report and Discussion Items
    a) driveways and curb cuts – a previous applicant should have been allowed to have two driveways. Wilcox suggested that this ordinance should be more restrictive. LaSalle project that was denied last meeting has come back with another design. The campanile on the Bay Center is still up in the air.
  7. Public Forum
  8. Adjournment
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