WAYZATA FOOTBALL 2008 Schedule: Season Recap

Wayzata’s perfect season was completed tonight with a victory over the Blaine Bengals. Here, in chronological order and in order of the Wayzata Football 2008 schedule, is every story this year that appeared on Wayzata.com. It details the long and narrow road that the undefeated Wayzata Trojans had to tip toe to win the Class 5A Prep Bowl (Minnesota State Football Championship).

Rochester Century 42-0

Rochester Century just got run over by a steamroller in Wayzata in an unevenly matched non-conference game. Kevin Knight scored two rushing touchdowns in the effort.

Minnetonka 24-7

The Wayzata Football Trojans beat the Minnetonka Skippers soundly in a Classic Lake Conference battle. Cecil Doe caught two touchdown passes in the effort. A capacity crowd of 6,000 attended the game.

Armstrong 63-7

The Wayzata Football Trojans rolled over the Armstrong Falcons in the Battle of 494. The win was Wayzata’s 2nd in the conference and made the Trojans.

Apple Valley 44-14

Garrett Englehardt made Wayzata’s homecoming night by scoring 3 touchdowns as the Wayzata Football Trojans (4-0), ranked number 2 in the Metro Top 10, defeated the Apple Valley Eagles (3-1) who were ranked number 4.

Minneapolis North 49-14

Wayzata started most of their drives at about the 50 yard line, and Minneapolis North seemed to always be deep in their own zone. The future of Wayzata Football, such as Chris Lindsey who scored a touchdown, got plenty of chances to play.

Hopkins 54-20

The defensive line had a number of sacks (8?) behind the strong play of Tobi Okuyemi, Kevin Potas, and Carl West. Daryl Brown returned a punt for 50 yards to break the game wide open for Wayzata in the second quarter.

Burnsville 70-0

Defensive Back Chris Meyers intercepted 2 passes and returned them for touchdowns as Wayzata soundly beat an overmatched Bursville Blaze. Garret Englehardt scored 2 rushing touchdowns in the effort as well, and Daryl Brown returned a punt for a touchdown. Wayzata’s extremely stout defense kept the Blaze offensive unit in check all night. The Trojans set their single game scoring record as well.


Edina 16-10

Strong performances by John Ries, Matt Tarpley, Chris Meyers, Daryl Brown and Garrett Englehardt, and the entire Wayzata Trojan defense lifted the Trojans above the Hornets with just minutes left in the game.


Cooper 42-7

Ryan Macgregor, Trojan Punter, kicked a state record 83 yard punt to pin Cooper on the 1 inch yard line during the course of the game.


Champlin Park 41-15

#2 Wayzata (10-0) rolled over Champlin Park with tenacious defense and a strong offensive attack. Kevin Potas, Carl West and Toby Okeyumi made life tough for the Champlin Park offense.


St. Cloud Tech 38-0

Kramer Berg threw a perfect pass in front of AJ Troup who caught it and tore up the sideline for a 98 yard touchdown score to end the game on a night where everything went Wayzata’s way.


Rosemount 34-10

The Trojans relied on spectacular performances by the Wayzata offensive line and running backs Garrett Englehardt and Kris Kroeten to move the ball and score. Jack Egan returned a fumble recovery for 50 yards to score a touchdown on defense.


Blaine 27-7

The Wayzata Trojans took on the Blaine Bengals tonight in the Class 5A Prep Bowl (Minnesota State Football Championship) and won behind the solid play of Fritz Rock, who caught one touchdown and threw for one touchdown. John Ries threw for 2 touchdowns, and Cecil Doe caught one TD. Defensive lineman Toby Okuyemi blocked a field goal attempt and had an interception, and a host of Trojans made other key plays.



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