WEEKLY ROUNDUP: Wayzata.com’s top stories of the week, Nov. 16-22

Another very busy week in the Wayzata Community, as one local team prepares to play in the State Championship, and it got a lot quieter in Wayzata recently. Other headlines include locals who sleep outside in chilly temps to raise money, and a local teacher won a bunch of money on a game show.

  1. The Wayzata Football is poised and ready to play the Blaine Bengals in the Class 5A Prep Bowl. The team got there by defeating Rosemount. Read the write-up: WAYZATA FOOTBALL 2008: Trojans defeat Rosemount Irish 34-10 in 5A State Semifinals to advance to Prep Bowl, read the media report: WAYZATA FOOTBALL 2008: Media Report Wayzata 34, Rosemount 10 – Class 5A Semifinals.
  2. IOCP Kicked off it’s annual Sleep Out to raise money in an effort to fight homelessness and provide affordable housing. Bob Fisher, Peter Larson, Cory Koskie, and Mike Pomeranz all participatated. Read a press release from IOCP here: IOCP Sleep Out 2008: Annual Campaign During Tough Economy Raises Challenge to Respond to Housing Needs in Western Suburbs, and read Wayzata.com coverage here: IOCP Sleep Out 2008: Kick off celebrates “The Community That Can”.
  3. The trains that rumble down Lake Street in Wayzata are officially not blowing their horns late at night thanks to the new Quiet Zone that has been established. Read a release by the CITY OF WAYZATA: Train Quiet Zone in Effect.
  4. Our friends at the Trojan Tribune at the High School made us aware that a Social Studies teacher by the name of Brad Olson won $25,000 on Who Want’s to be a Millionaire. Read Jenna Kopp’s write-up here: TROJAN TRIBUNE: WHS Teacher Wins $25,000 on “Millionaire”.
  5. Set of Six Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass windows from Wayzata featured in Modernism Display in Manhatten.


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  1. Hi, I know alot of people don\’t like the trains that pass through Wayzata, but I for one am glad they do. I do live close to the track, about a football field + a little from the track. Wayzata probably wouldn\’t exist if the trains did not come here in the first place, and if the tracks weren\’t there what would be there(?) buildings that would block the beautiful view of the lake for all of us. The trains have always been a love of mine and as a child I would think of hopping one and riding it until it stopped somewhere else. I like the sound of the horns and am glad I still hear them until 10 PM. This is just a little view from the train lover in me. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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