TROJAN TRIBUNE: Thirty-four swimsuits stolen from the WHS Girl’s Swim Team Lockers

By Kelsey Merriam. The incident occurred at the Wayzata High School girls swim team’s locker room at Lifetime Fitness in Plymouth, in late September. After practice on a Saturday morning, the swimmers locked the strap of their swimsuits into the combination locks; this is done regularly to allow for air-drying. They arrived Monday and found all the swimsuits missing. “The team initially thought I was doing it as a prank. I don’t know why. I was angry,” said Coach Elizabeth Miles.

The original assumption was that someone cut the swimsuits; upon later investigation the team could not find additional swimsuits, swim caps, and goggles kept inside the lockers. Nothing appeared wrong with the locks. “All of my suits inside [my locker] were stolen…,” Alex Alviani (10) said. “…People had gotten into the lockers,” said Miles. “The people had also taken shampoo and squirted it all over toilet seats.”
“It is still under investigation. We’re reviewing surveillance video and trying to identify suspects. I wish I could give you more information, but that is where it is at,” said WHS Resource Officer Michael Passig. “They are reviewing tapes, but they can not fast forward. They have to watch it in real time, so that is like sixteen hours worth of tape,” said captain, Emma Cisneros (12).
“Everyone was really surprised. This is my fourth year and nothing has ever been stolen,” said captain, Rachel Path (12). The swimmers checked the lost and found at Lifetime and found nothing. “We were really shocked. Some girls were crying, and suits are pretty expensive. We were really mad and wanted to figure out who did it,” said Cisneros. Due to cleaning, the locker room was left unlocked when the team arrived Monday. Now the coach is the only one with a key, “Even us, captains, are not allowed to have a key,” added Cisneros.
Although the locker room is designated for WHS swimmers, divers, synchronized swimmers, and coaches exclusively, any member of Lifetime can enter the pool area and potentially sneak in. “[The theft] may not even be school related. The police have not told me anything,” said Miles. “Who would want thirty-four used swimsuits? That is disgusting,” she said.
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