Weekly Roundup: Wayzata.com’s top stories of the week, Oct. 6-11

It’s been a little slower week in Wayzata compared to last week–when Tom Petters was arrested, and a horrendous crash took place on 394. Still, you can’t ignore the most important stories of the week, as the Wayzata Trojan Football team moved to 7-0, The Wayzata City Council held a closed session on the Superior Stop at 800 Superior Street, and much, much more. So here are the top 5 stories of the week for October 6-11, 2008

1. The Wayzata Football Trojans traveled to Burnsville to extend their record to 7-0 by beating the Blaze 70-0 in a showing of brute force.

2. The Wayzata Fire Department held their annual open house last Monday night. It was well attended on a beautiful night, with hot dogs, chips, cookies and juice served. Fire truck rides were also offered and were very popular. Read about it and watch a slide show here.

3. A Historic house on Bushaway Road caught fire in the attic. Read the breaking news story, and the follow-up with Wayzata Fire Chief Kevin Klapprich.

4. The Wayzata City Council held a private closed door session to discuss a purchase or condemnation of the Superior Stop located at 800 Superior Street. It is one of the last pieces of the puzzle for the redevelopment of the Wayzata Bay Center. There is sure to be more news on this one.

5. Tom Petters remains in a Stearns County jail as he has been determined to be a flight risk. Apparently, Petters also has a gambling problem. Additionally, you can read every story on Wayzata.com about Tom Petters since the FBI Raid.


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