Update on House Fire in Wayzata on Bushaway Road

Since Wayzata Fire Department Fire Chief Kevin Klapprich was at the Wayzata Fire Department Open House, there was no better time to ask him about the Fire that happened on Bushaway Road at about 5:00 am this morning. Here is what he had to say about the fire:

“We had a fire in the house, over on Bushaway. There was just one wing where the fire burned out the attic, a lot of water damage in the first, second and third floor. I’m still waiting to hear back, but it was probably started by a chimney fire. You want to make sure that chimney is cleaned, and you want to burn dry wood. When you burn the wet wood, if I understand it right, the damp wood doesn’t allow the chimney to get as warm. What builds up the creosote on your chimney is when it’s hot, then it’s cold, hot, cold, hot, cold. With the wet wood, the chimney gets more buildup.

I’m sure it started as a chimney fire, there were 4 people sleeping in the house at the time. They got out. One of the sons woke up and discovered the fire.

We had help from Long Lake, Plymouth, and Minnetonka. One fireman was hurt with a pulled shoulder. All in all, it went pretty good.”

Thanks to Chief Klapprich for his insight on what happened.

Here are links to the other media outlets in the Twin Cities carrying the story:

  1. Fox 9: Wayzata Family Escapes Early Morning House Fire
  2. KSTP: Fire damages historic Wayzata home


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