Cristina Boyd, Merrill Lychn advisor in Wayzata, featured on front page of Star Tribune

Apparently the sky is falling in America. Keep this in mind my fellow Wayzatians, if you can go for a walk outside, and their isn’t a militarized police force corralling you into a paddy wagon, life will go on. Turn off the TV, stop listening to the radio where the pundits are screaming at you about the crisis de jour.

As part of all this the sky is falling coverage, Wayzata’s own Christina Boyd is featured as a broker at Merrill Lynch in Wayzata on the front page of the Star Tribune this morning. Her story is that her clients are calling her to sell during this time of turmoil. If there is one thing I know about the stock market, it is buy low and sell high. Most of us get carried away and do the exact opposite. Christina, congratulations on being featured on the cover of the Strib. Too bad it has to be about fear and selling in the smoke and mirrors called the stock market.

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