Cecil Doe answers three questions from the Star Tribune’s Micheal Rand

Wayzata Football’s own Cecil Doe will be featured in the September 26th edition of the Star Tribune. Michael Rand asks Cecil if Wayzata should be ranked #1 in the metro, why he is such a big time receiver, and what teams think of when they see him and Fritz Rock line up together on the field. The article is titled: 3 questions with Cecil Doe, Wayzata senior WR.

To see every article Wayzata.com has done on Cecil Doe, see this link: http://www.wayzata.com/search?q=cecil+doe

The Star Tribune seems to be turning up the coverage on Wayzata Football since Wayzata.com has shown up as the self proclaimed 800 pound gorilla and crashed onto the scene covering the Trojans.

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