House Manager/Executive Personal Assistant available for contract hire

Hey Wayzata,

Sandy Erickson, a local resident, emailed me wondering if she could place a post on looking for a job in the Wayzata area. As we have all needed some help finding employement from time to time, I said no problem. Here it is:

House Manager/Executive Personal Assistant available for contract hire. I will help you operate more efficiently and effectively. Experienced Facility and Administrative Manager: I will be responsible for coordination and communication of house management needs, travel arrangements, successfully create and manage social events from social to business functions, create and deliver professional reporting for your business, philanthropy, scheduling and coordinating meetings and organize your home and work office spaces efficiently so there is less noise for you and more time to focus on what you want. Please email Sandy for more information and introduction at Pay rate to be negotiated $75K-$90K/year.”

If you know someone who is looking for a House Manager or an Executive Personal Assistant, please drop Sandy a line.

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