More information on the United Steel Workers March on Lake Street Last Friday

So Elisha and I were well aware what was going on when we took a seat at Sunset’s against the windows facing Lake Street at about 11:40 last Friday, It was about 20 minutes prior to when reports from indicated that the United Steel Workers would march on the headquarters of Wayzata Investment Partners. The couple in the booth behind us wondered out loud what was going on with the heavy police patrol on Lake Street. Our waitress indicated that the Wayzata Police Department had called Sunset’s and indicated that their might be a large distraction.

So Elisha ordered a California Burger (a little dry) and I had half a sandwich and a cup of soup while the USW Local 1189 marched and chanted outside seeking a meeting with President Patrick Halloran. All kinds or rumors swirled around; anarchists from the RNC in St. Paul would be descending on Wayzata, a huge protest, etc. They stuck around for about an hour, then dispursed as they chanted, “We’ll be back.”
For even more information about the exact happenings, check out this Union sponsored website which breaks down the actions of our local Lt. Mike Murhpy who hand delivered a letter to the Wayzata Investment Partners corporate attorney. The union reportedly was denied access to the building.
For more information about the event, visit this link:

To see the other articles about the march on Wayzata, and how ready to Wayzata Police Department was, visit this link:
Stay tuned to, your corporate attorney receives letters from a cop leader, for any further developments.

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