Minnetonka Felix to release Wayzata Daschund Races Pictures from 2008

Minnetonkascene‘s Minnetonka Felix has posted on his website tonight that he will be releasing his Daschund Race Pictures from the 34th Annual James J. Hill Days in Wayzata. As soon as I see them up I wll let you know.

When Elisha and I walked over to the Wayzata West Middle School to check it out, people were lined up 3 and 4 deep to get a view of the happenings. Had I known Felix was going to be there, Elisha and I would have attempted to say “Hi”. So Felix, if you are listening, drop us a note at wayzata@gmail.com.
That being said, I also saw a piece on Fox 9 this morning by MA Roscoe as she covered the races and cracked wiener jokes. ie, that’s a huge wiener, etc. I would have posted a link to that here as well but there was no hint of it on Fox 9’s website. Closed circuit to Fox 9, start posting your stories on your site, and make it easy to search the stories personality.
Wayzata.com is your Minnetonka Felix picture notification leader.

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