Ask Dan! – How do you pronounce Wayzata?


How do you pronounce Wayzata? We are newly relocated and can’t figure it out.

Jim and Sarah

Hi Jim and Sarah,

As we say up here in Minnesota, that question ain’t too bad.

Brandon and Brenda Walsh couldn’t get it right after they moved from 55391 to 90210. So many times we see Wayzata spelled out in in different letters, and with dashes and spaces to help you place the correct emphasis on this syllable and vowel. Here are just a few examples:

We Wayzatians see it bantered about in emails titled “Do you speak Minnesotan?” We see slick ads for some local realtor with a flashy and attractive model going on and on and about said realtor’s abilities to help you buy and sell, only to mispronounce it and lose all credibility. Seems like the Lexus commercials when they first came out said Wayzata wrong.

  • waɪˈzɛtə is how wikipedia says to pronounce it, but that sure doesn’t help.
  • Wise-etta is how the Chamber of Commerce says to pronounce it.
  • Pronounced @#$%! by anyone from out of state

So here once and for all, the official, unofficial way to pronounce Wayzata:


And if you still don’t get it, call me at 952-473-5800 and ask.


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