If Wayzata can’t meet Feds requirements, it is time to dump No Child Left Behind


Did you happen to see the HEADLINE from the Star Tribune August 6th?”


“Nearly half of Minnesota’s public schools are failing to meet state standards in math and reading, which can trigger consequences ranging from a black mark on a school’s reputation to forced restructuring of programs and staff.”

“According to data released Tuesday by the Minnesota Department of Education, 937 of 1951 schools are not making “adequate yearly progress” under the 2001 No Child Left Behind law. That number is up sharply from 727 schools last year, and 483 in 2006.”

Well you read about it all over the Strib and the evening news. Wayzata, one of the best funded public school districts in the state, failed to meet the No Child Left Behind requirements. What it tells me is that if Wayzata, with it’s stellar reputation for providing outstanding education, cannot meet the federal requirements, it is time to drop the federal requirements.

There is clearly a disconnect between the funding provided or not provided through No Child and the accelerated mandates for test scores that continue to ratchet up higher and higher every year. Call your local representatives and let them know! This program is broken and it grows clearer as every year passes.

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