Cyclist insults our community.

This is a quote from about Wayzata:

Don’t spend your money in Wayzata! People in Wayzata hate cyclists…and I’m sure that they hate women and minorities too. All the money you spend in Wayzata goes to support the oppression of cyclists, women, blacks and Mexicans. All the men in Wayzata sport Hitler moustaches and the women dress like Eva Braun.

Screw you Wayzata, Excelsior is a way cooler town anyway.

Smithers, the author, apparently blames a community for his inabililty to comply with state law–namely stopping at a stop sign. He further goes on to accuse everyone in the community as being a racist, and it is simply not accurate. Just because multiple cyclists run through town with disregard for their own and the public’s safety, Smithers resorts to inflamatory and insulting statements about this town, and I for one will always stand and defend Wayzata!
Accusing Wayzatians of dressing and looking like Hitler is way over the top. Hating bicyclists isn’t just reserved for people from Wayzata, it is pretty much everyone who drives a car. Bike riders don’t stop for lights and signs, ride in the middle of the rode, ignore instructions directly at them to walk their bikes on the Luce Line, and think they own the rode.

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