Classic Lake Conference Threatened by Lack of Funding at Armstrong

The fish wrap factory West side of the river published an article on the potential demise of the Classic Lake Conference. According to the article, Wayzata, Minnetonka, Edina, Hopkins and Robbinsdale are the five surviving School Districts that make up the Classic Lake. Recent developments in Robbinsdale have created budget shortages that threaten to break up the conference. It has presented scheduling challenges for the teams, and if you remember, Wayzata drummed Minneapolis North in a lopsided football game last fall.

According to MHSHL rules, each conference must have a minimum of 5 schools in order to have a conference. If Robbinsdale continues to have trouble funding it’s schools and activities, the Classic Lake might be broken up and each school assigned a new conference. Part of the problem is the way in which the Classic Lake was created in the early 90’s. All five schools left the Lake Conference in the same the Cleveland Browns packed up in the middle of the night and moved to Baltimore.

Invitations to other schools to join the Classic Lake Conference has been met with a cool reception by other local School Districts. In my opinion, the best teams to add to the fold would be Osseo / Maple Grove and Eden Prairie. Nothing like playing the next door neighbors who already don’t care for your manners every year in every sport to fuel a rivalry!

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  1. I attended Robbinsdale Cooper High School back in 2000, several years before Cooper dropped out of the Classic Lake Conference. In regard to athletics, Cooper paled in comparison to the other schools in the conference. This drastic disparity made me curious as to how the school districts initially designated which schools were assigned to what conference. Dan made an interesting comment in that he thinks Eden Prairie, Osseo, and Maple Grove should be added to the Classic Lake. I agree that these schools would be a good match for team sports. However, in terms of administration and policy, how would an addition such as this be possible?

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